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Become the artist you want to be with powerful animation and 3D modeling tools for character creation and worldbuilding.

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Maya for
Character Creation

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3ds Max for

Why Maya?

Create complex 3D game characters and animations

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Powerful character
creation tools 

From hyper-realistic to highly stylized, create jaw-dropping characters using Maya’s deep 3D toolset.

  • Build character models more artistically and intuitively.
  • Create and edit UVs quickly and interactively.
  • Add mesh detail with ease and speed.

Image courtesy of Marleen Vijgen.

Unmatched rigging capabilities

Create sophisticated rigs that deliver lifelike performances.

  • Build character skeletons and control rigs with powerful constraints and IK systems.
  • Use a robust suite of deformers to bring a character's geometry to life.
  • Bake complex deformations for export to game engine friendly rigs.

Video courtesy of Marleen Vijgen.

Robust and feature-rich animation tools 

Create realistic character and facial animations with full creative control.

  • Transform joints, bones, IK handles, and models over time.
  • Easily navigate clips and adjust timing using non-linear workflows.
  • Preview animations faster with cached playback.

Video courtesy of Marleen Vijgen.

Why 3ds Max?

Create expansive and detailed game environments

Video courtesy of Yinuo Chen.

An all-in-one 3D
modeling tool

Build elaborate worlds and detailed props with 3ds Max’s extensive modeling toolset.

  • Build complex hard surface and organic models with powerful polygon modeling tools.
  • Rapidly conceptualize, iterate, and explore ideas with a unique modifier stack workflow.
  • Produce accurate low poly content from reality-captured sculptural data using retopology tools.

Video courtesy of Yinuo Chen.

Easy-to-use texture and shading tools

Finalize game asset lookdev with advanced texture-creation, material, and viewport tools.

  • Visualize final game results directly inside 3ds Max using a PBR compatible viewport.
  • Create and apply complex materials with support for Substance maps and Open Shading Language (OSL).
  • Leverage a fully scriptable texture baking tool to generate PBR compatible textures with your renderer of choice.

Video courtesy of Yinuo Chen.

Customizable pipeline integration

Bring your studio together with best-in-class pipeline and automation tools.

  • Easily collaborate on projects of any size.
  • Work with a wide range of data formats.
  • Build tools with Python 3, C++, and MAXScript to meet demanding, custom expectations.

Image courtesy of Yinuo Chen.

"The fabric of our animation and rigging pipeline is Maya. It is and will be, for the foreseeable future, an integral part of that pipeline."

- Will Pryor, Head of Rigging & Creature FX at Axis Studio

“We use 3ds Max for modeling, animating, environments - everything…If it's art, it's produced in 3ds Max.”

- Carlos Bordeu, Founder and Artist at ACE Team

“3ds Max is the tool of reference for 3D modeling, so it was hardly a question when we started up our own company."

- Pierre de Margeri, CEO and Creative Lead at Sloclap

“I'm trying to think of a time before Maya, and it's actually difficult. I guess it’s been about 12 years. I just clicked into Maya. I liked how extensible it was.”

- Gwen Frey, Founder and Artist at The Molasses Flood

Maya in Action

Rigging & Deformation:
Last of Us Part II

Wasim Khan, Technical Director at Naughty Dog, walks through the rigging and deformation process for characters in the Last of Us Part II.

A clip from the Maya: Faster Rigging & Animation Workflows, Vision Series presentation.

Image courtesy of Naughty Dog.

Imagining the Behemoths

Axis Studio shares how they brought the behemoths to life with Maya in the latest Magic: The Gathering cinematic trailer.

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Image courtesy of Axis Studio.

Making Realistic Game Characters with Santa Monica Studio

Axel Grossman, Lead Character Technical Artist, shares his best practices for creating the realistic 3D game characters in God of War.

Body deformation & rigging 

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Facial rigging

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Images courtesy of Santa Monica Studio.

3ds Max in Action

Building a Japanese Mountain Shrine

3D Environment Artist, Manuel Fuentes, breaks down his process of creating a beautiful zen scene in 3ds Max.

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Image courtesy of Manuel Fuentes.

From Black Sheep to Black Mesa

Shawn Olson, Technical Artist, shares how 3ds Max was used to bring Black Mesa back to life.

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Video courtesy of Shawn Olson.

Repurposing Game Assets with Ubisoft Helix

Adeline Aubame from Ubisoft Helix shares the tools her team used to fast track the development of Rainbow Six Siege.

A clip from the Up Close and Personal with 3ds Max webinar.

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