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Get access to pro tools at an affordable price with Autodesk® 3ds Max® - for indie users

Now, recent graduates, freelancers, hobbyists and 3D artists just starting out have a more affordable way to access 3ds Max.


If you're just out of school, an indie artist, or you just love to make awesome stuff in 3D, you could be eligible to subscribe to 3ds Max Indie. Create like a pro at a price you can afford. 

Are you eligible?

  • Your annual gross revenue from creative work must be less than USD $100,000/year. 
  • You may not use the license on any project valued over USD$100,000.
  • Only one license subscription can be used per user or organization 
  • Offer is available in these countries.

Please see our Questions and Answers for more details.

Note: This offer is subject to certain restrictions. 


  • Environment creation 

    • Create massive environments in games 

  • 3D Modeling 

    • Model detailed interiors and objects 

  • Rendering 
    • Visualize high-quality architectural renderings faster 
  • Animation
    • Bring characters and features to life with animation 
  • Interactive rendering 
    • Render previews while you work with interactive rendering 
  • Intuitive tools 
    • Artist-friendly UI and intuitive controls 
  • Shading and lighting 
    • Add shading and lighting to assets with powerful texture baking tools 
  • Accessible APIs 
    • Extend built-in workflows with accessible APIs 

Bring your vision to life with an industry-leading 3D animation,
modeling, simulation, and rendering software.

Autodesk® 3ds Max® - for indie users
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