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Wednesday, October 6   12:45PM ET

Media and Entertainment Keynote

Join Autodesk leaders and customers to learn how our platform can connect processes, automate workflows, and unlock insights, enabling flexible, scalable connections between teams, studios, and ecosystems.

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Thursday, October 7   11:00AM ET

Voices of Change: The Women of Architecture and Design 

Join us as we premiere Autodesk's Women in Design Visualization documentary featuring four influential women from around the world who discuss their experiences in the industry, and how they're doing their part to empower women in architecture & design.

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Virtual Production: A Revolution in Video Production and Storytelling

Silverdraft is pushing the boundaries of the film production pipeline with 3D photorealistic imagery and cinematic twins. See how their visualization tools, along with Autodesk tools, have been part of a virtual production evolution in film and television.

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Open Standards for Feature Film Production

Autodesk has partnered with VFX production studios to develop open standards. Learn more about our efforts with Will Telford, Senior Product Owner, Autodesk.

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Thursday, October 7   5:00PM ET

Mkali’s Mission: Creating a 3D Animated Sequence Remotely During a Pandemic

We decided to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers by setting up a small remote studio to create a 3D sequence called Mkali's Mission, from concept through final render. 

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Wednesday, October 6   6:30PM ET

© Griffith Observatory, Signs of Life

Producing a CG Planetarium Show at Griffith Observatory

This class will take a close look at how the immersive planetarium show Signs of Life was produced and how Autodesk's ShotGrid software was implemented at the center of the production studio pipeline.

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Tuesday, October 5   6:30PM ET


Content Collides with Experience

Learn how architectural and real estate-driven CGI (computer generated imagery) and animation are breaking through the screen into the emerging space of the digital experience.

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Thursday, October 7   6:30PM ET

Animal Logic

From In-House to Off-the-Shelf: USD in Production at Animal Logic

Animal Logic shares their journey of how they integrated Universal Scene Description (USD) in Maya into their production pipeline.

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Tuesday, October 5   6:30PM ET

Leveraging Open Standards & Guidelines for Multiplatform Asset Sharing

Learn how the Khronos 3D Commerce Working Group has developed a set of realtime 3D asset guidelines, tools, and programs to ensure that artists efficiently author 3D assets and models.

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Tuesday, October 5   3:00PM ET

Phil Radford

Late-Night Experiments with Bifrost 

New to visual programming? No problem. Bifrost’s library of pre-built graphs makes it quick and easy to craft serious effects right out-of-the-box. Get to know Bifrost’s latest features through Phil Radford's experimental art.

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Tuesday, October 5   5:30PM ET

Gemini Man © 2019 Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved

Making Movie Magic: An Inside Look at Weta’s Blockbuster-Making Pipeline

In this talk, Weta Digital will explore the innovation behind the magic and share an inside look at the proprietary pipeline they've built on top of Autodesk Maya that enables their artists to create their best work.

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Wednesday, October 6   5:30PM ET

BB-8 and R2-D2 © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Used with Permission

Driving Open Standards in Film and TV Production

Open source projects play a critical role in the creation of Film and TV content. In this session, we'll dive into the work behind OpenColorIO v2, MaterialX, and other key open source initiatives, including collaboration with tech partners and creative studios.

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Thursday, October 7   10:00AM ET

Ciro Cardoso

Exploring Stylized Looks with Arnold Toon Shader, 3ds Max & OSL

In this class, Animal Logic will explore how to use traditional 2D illustration techniques in 3ds Max software with the powerful and versatile Arnold Toon Shader, with the help of some OSL nodes. 

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Thursday, October 7   10:00AM ET

Flame on the Cloud: New Workflows for VFX Challenges

Find out how Flame on the cloud will break hardware barriers, giving artists unmatched opportunities to be creative and collaborate.

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Tuesday, October 5   4:00PM ET

Turn Concept Into Amazing Visuals with 3ds Max, featuring BOXX® APEXX 

The chief designer of Mossawi Studios shows off his Project 411 using 3ds Max, Substance, and VRay. Hussain Almossawi’s tribute to the Porsche 911 Spyder gets 3D treatment thanks to Intel Xeon and the BOXX APEXX workstation.

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Tuesday, October 5   4:30PM ET

Architecture Design Visualization with 3ds Max, Powered by BOXX® APEXX Matterhorn 

Watch VFX artist Eloi Andaluz Fullà applying amazing visual effects on interior design using 3ds Max, tyFlow and VRay, using BOXX's APEXX Matterhorn remote workstation, powered by Intel Xeon Processor.

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Thursday, October 7  3:00PM ET

Building a Collaborative VR Game Environment

If you want to build a world without limits in virtual reality and fully unleash your creative potential regardless of the industry you belong to, this is your class!

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Thursday, October 7   1:00PM ET

Create Storyboards to Short Animated Films with Autodesk Maya

In this class, we will learn how to create storyboards to short animated films in Autodesk Maya, using advanced tools and high-end plugins, to bring to life realistic 3D art, 4D animations or add to your design portfolio. 

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Wednesday, October 6  5:30PM ET

Use Revit Cloud and 3ds Max to Create a Tangible Immersive Experience in Unity

Discover the partnership between Microdesk and Black Artists + Designers Guild with the Autodesk Foundation. We’ll look at processes that went into creating a virtual reality (VR) conceptual house.

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Tuesday, October 5   11:00AM ET

Extending Design Options to Virtual Environments

This class will show you how to take design options from Revit software and 3ds Max software to Unity Forma to let clients see and choose from possibilities. 

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Wednesday, October 6  7:00PM ET

CannonDesign's Use of USD in Omniverse and 3ds Max for Visualization

In this session, we’ll cover how CannonDesign collaborated with Autodesk’s 3ds Max team to explore the use of the USD file format for visualization of data created in Omniverse. 

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Thursday, October 7   1:30PM ET

NVIDIA Omniverse: Modern Collaborative Workflows

Imagine working across teams, regardless of location, in an environment where your Autodesk software systems are connected in real time with NVIDIA's Omniverse. Now let's stop imagining. It's real and happening today. Seeing is believing.

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Thursday, October 7  1:30PM ET

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Real-Time 3D Content Production

Using 3ds Max software, we will walk through an end-to-end content production process where you’ll learn various tips, tricks, and optimizations that you can easily adopt and perform in your own content production pipelines.

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Tuesday, October 5   1:30PM ET

Creating Modular Assets from Scanned Data

In the presentation, we’ll walk through the process of acquiring scanned data, calculating it into 3D models and textures using ReCap reality capture software and cleaning and splitting the assets into modules.

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Explore Our Virtual Animation Studio

We’re producing an epic 3D sequence called Mkali's Mission using each of the tools in the Media & Entertainment Collection – Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold, Bifrost for Maya, and Mudbox – as well as ShotGrid for production tracking and reviews.

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And the Winners Are...

Autodesk Excellence Awards celebrate the people, projects, and technologies behind exceptional contributions. We’re excited to congratulate the inspiring artists who demonstrate visionary creative approaches, produce high-caliber work and who engage in active community participation. But who are this year's winners?

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