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Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas
22 Sep. 2021

2022.2 Update

Deformation control
Improved Application Home
New options in Script Editor
Added USD support
Improved Bifrost
Image courtesy of Yuriy Dulich
29 Jul. 2021

2022.1 Update

Search feature
New Application Home
Interactive tutorials
Open framework for customized interactive tutorials
Quick tour
Return of Viewcube
Additional Component tag options
Deformer updates
24 Mar. 2021

2022 Update

Seamless USD integration
New Ghosting Editor
Additive animation clips
Smooth (Gaussian) filter in the Graph Editor
Component Tags
Morph Deformer
New Sweep Mesh tool
Create VR for Maya
Smoother startup experience
Python 3
Cached Playback support in the Time Editor
Peak Removal filter in the Graph Editor
New Auto Tangent types
Deformer Falloffs
Skin Bunding using Proximity Wrap
Game Vertex Count plugin
Arnold 6.2
08 Dec. 2020

2020.4 Update

Drag and drop Maya curves into Bifrost graphs
New fields system in Bifrost
Bifrost volume tool improvements
Aero solver improvements
Substance plugin update
Bifrost graph shape nodes
Bifrost scatter pack
MPM solver: Accurate collisions and self-collisions
Instantly terminate Bifrost simulations
Motion Library update
07 Oct. 2020

2020.3 Update

Paint Skin Weights Tool improvements
Merge BaseAnimation layer on import
Script Editor improvements: New RMB menu and hotkeys for managing tabs
Updated ATF plugin: Catia V5 R6 2020 and JT support
HumanIK: Neck Motion Reduction setting
New Show Animated Shapes option in the Graph Editor
Import Standard Surface with FBX
Image courtesy of Tsubasa Nakai
28 May 2020

2020.2 Update

Substance plugin update: New scripting commands and upgraded UI
Arnold for Maya update: Export Arnold scene data in USD format
Bifrost for Maya update
Image courtesy of Massimo Righi
17 Mar. 2020

2020.1 Update

Time Slider Bookmark Improvements: Interactively move and scale bookmarks
07 Apr. 2020

2019.3 Update

Vertical splitter bar in the Outliner
New Sets sub-menu in the Outliner
Reserve unloaded namespaces option
 Image courtesy of Amaru Zeas 
29 Nov. 2018

2018.5 Update

Metalness port visible in Hypershade
Image courtesy of Lucas Sinewe
14 Ago. 2018

2018.4 Update

Arnold viewport render region
Improved experience creating file nodes for large images
Color accuracy in Viewport 2.0 for .tx images
Image courtesy of Fabrizio Arzani
Image courtesy of Massimo Righi
25 Jul. 2017

2018 Update

06 Jun. 2017

2017.4 Update

Image courtesy of Tomas Kral
15 Sep. 2016

2017.1 Update

Improved support for GPU-accelerated deformers using NVIDIA drivers
Support for switching OpenColorIO contexts
PySide2 support
Image courtesy of Rodolfo Galvez
09 Sep. 2015

2016.1 Update