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Create stunning visuals in 3ds Max with enhanced rendering tools, increased import/export synchronization, speed improvements and more. The new Organic Noise OSL map paired with the new 2D & 3D Randomizer OSL maps enhances the look of your scenes - bridging the divide between fiction and reality. Additionally, speed improvements to polygon mesh to triangle conversion offer a smoother and faster artist experience.

Solutions in the 3ds Max 2023.3 Update:

Organic Noise OSL

Recreate the characteristics of nature with the new Organic Noise OSL map which modulates and filters OSL noises to create highly natural noise patterns. Programmed with several ready-to-use presents, the Organic Noise map allows you to quickly set up a variety of caustic, artistic and abstract noises that simulate the complexities of nature.

3ds Max 2022.1  Deformation Modifier Performance Improvements
Samples courtesy of Changsoo Eun
3ds Max 2022.1  Deformation Modifier Performance Improvements
UVW Randomizer 2D and UVW Randomizer 3D OSL

Simulate unique aspects of nature with the 2D & 3D UVW Randomizer. This feature randomizes the Scale, Offset and Rotation of UVW coordinates assigned to a map, creating spontaneous patterns that imitate nature. These can be driven by a seed for per-object randomness for each effect.

3ds Max 2022.1  Deformation Modifier Performance Improvements
Autodesk Translation Framework (ATF)

Seamlessly transfer data and files within projects with support for Catia V5-6R2022 and Alias 2023 models in the Autodesk Translation Framework (ATF) importer. To increase convenience in shared workflows, Catia V5-6R2022 and Alias 2023 models can also be imported to 3ds Max through the ATF importer.


This update comes with the latest Substance 2.4.9 build with support for versions 8 and 9 of the Corona Renderer.

Improved Performance

Enhance your modeling and animation workflows with improved polygon mesh to triangle conversion performance in 3ds Max. Whether you’re performing conversions in the modifier stack or sending scene data to offline renderers like Arnold – experience significant speed enhancements that empower you to work faster.


This update includes MaxtoA which brings you a smoother artist experience, addressing issues with Physical Materials, Volume materials, and more.



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